I am a survivor of childhood sexual molestation and suicide. I know the pain and struggles we silently go through during those difficult lonely moments that changes our lives forever. I trusted and loved him,

he was like a father to me.  He was my Reverend, my mentor, my teacher. He was my School Principal,  and above all, he was my uncle. I was just a baby, I was innocent, vulnerable and desperate to be educated to have a better life. My biological father was never there, my mother couldn't provide for me financially, yet she  had all hopes and confidence that her brother, my uncle, was the best person to make that happen. I was around ten years old when it all started. I was confused and terrified to say no, because he was all I had. And I'll remember him always softly whispering



Services we provide are:

  • Build a sexual abuse (Safe haven) center for emergency intake and evaluation.
  • Family Support services available to victims and at-risk victims of sexual abuse, which may include medical services, legal and social services
  • Educate and sensitize the general public with educational materials, develop and provide special programs for young and first-time parents during prenatal clinical visits. For example, billboards, posters, bulletins and television commercials, which shall be made available in designated schools, institutions, medical and public workplaces.
  • Emergency shelter services for victims and at-risk children and adults.
  • Proper background screening for family adoptions and foster parents
  • Provide basic general education, vocational training's for sexual abuse victims in order to provide them with sustainable independent lifestyle to promote empowerment
  • Providing offenders with necessary medical and psychological health services, and legal rights for sex offenders. Routine screenings and close monitoring of sex offenders must be prioritized. It's better to prevent than cure.
  • To provide an emergency 24 hours hotline response services available to the public, to report any sexual abuse activities in homes and public places.
  • Last but not the least. Educating and sensitizing the general population with signs of suicide, and suicide